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A survey is a drawing prepared by a registered land surveyor based upon a physical inspection and measurement of property in conjunction with information contained in county land records. A survey precisely and accurately determines the size of the lot and any easements of record, encroachments, or dimension discrepancies affecting the property, and can also determine if the property is located within a flood zone. Surveys are required in most of the Metro-Atlanta counties before building improvements and additions such as decks or driveways, or planting or removing trees and landscaping along property lines.

A survey confirms for the buyer(s) that their visual assumptions about the property boundaries are correct by disclosing exactly what portion of the property is being purchased as well as any structures located on that property. Furthermore, a survey may alert the buyer(s) to legal description discrepancies, encroachment issues, or easement violations. Cases have occurred in which houses were built entirely or in part on the wrong property, resulting in the forced removal of the homes, in whole or in part. Even though “enhanced” title insurance may be available for owner-occupants of property to protect a purchaser from most catastrophic problems, conducting a survey in advance may help the purchaser avoid potential problems altogether.

A survey will not automatically be ordered for closing unless the purchaser's lender requires it. However, upon the purchaser's request, The Fryer Law Firm will order a survey as part of the closing process. If you would like to have a survey ordered, please contact us at least one week before your scheduled closing. The average cost of a survey is $400 - $500. Additionally, we can provide contact information for local surveyors who will work directly with consumers to complete surveys during the contract due diligence period and can review the survey upon request.

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