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Property Tax Review

One of the most important aspects of property ownership a consumer should become educated about is the property tax status of their real estate. Please refer to the links and resources page of this website to review the property tax information specific to your address. If you are in a city jurisdiction as well as a county, you will need to visit both sites for relevant information.

  1. Owner occupants. If you will reside in the property you will will want to file Homestead Exemption as soon as your deed is recorded and the tax assessor has the record of your ownership (approximately one month after closing).
  2. Investor owners. Be certain the correct mailing address is given our firm for the tax office to use for re-assessment notices and bills. Please note: The tax authorities will not automatically update their address information during the tax year, so you must be proactive in finding your tax information until the following calendar year update has occurred.
  3. Paying your own tax bill. If you do not have an escrow account with your lender to pay property taxes, you must be prepared to obtain the bill from the county/city website if the current tax bill(s) is not paid and settled at your closing.

Please feel free to discuss specific questions about your taxes with us at closing or feel free to call or email your closing attorney after closing for help understanding the process.


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